BMW X6 SUV (2008) Price, Reviews, Interior and Exterior Features and Pictures| BMW X6-the World's First Sports Activity Coupe Car (SAC)

Why is the BMW X6 a desirable car for sports car enthusiasts?
Just because the BMW X6 is the first SAC in the world - Sports Activity Coupe, and its key combined functions, which include: speed, high performance, sporty coupe style and appearance, equipped with resourceful, comfortable and adaptable interior details necessary for the desired sports car. With this BMW X6 sports coupe, BMW has defined a completely new and unique vehicle concept.
In addition, the BMW X6 has built-in dynamic performance control (installed as standard) and the new Twin Turbo V8 gasoline engine with high precision injection- the most efficient engine in its class.
BMW X6-The World's first Sports Activity Coupe, pictures
The BMW X6 is a four-door coupe that features a sloping roof and large wheel arches designed for 21-inch wheels.
Introducing the new BMW X6 at the Frankfurt show in 2007, its creators asked not to call the new model an SUV. They assured that the car belongs to a new class of cars - Sports Activity Coupe (SAC).
The most modest BMW X6 has a 6-cylinder 3-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 286 horsepower. other modifications are much more powerful (you can find them in the " Specifications " section ).
The basic equipment of the BMW X6 includes alloy wheels R19; leather-wrapped sports steering wheel; soft knee rests on the center console for the driver and front passenger; the ability to customize the seat to any shape, thanks to the many adjustments; Separate seats for the rear passengers familiar to the coupe.
BMW chief designer, Chris Bangle, called the BMW X6 "coupe with high-profile manners."

BMW X6 Interior Features and Comfort:

BMW X6 Price,| BMW X6 4-door SUV Interior and Exterior Features and Pictures
Active cruise control: Active cruise control equipped with the "Stop & Go;" greatly simplifies driving, especially when driving in a dense stream, because has the function of adjusting the distance to the car.
In case of danger, the car itself can stop, as well as start moving again - very convenient for traveling through traffic jams.
Intelligent CBS Support System: The CBS support system constantly monitors oil levels and monitors vehicle parts for wear.
The system will report the time of the next tech. service based on the analysis of the technical condition of your car.
All data is available on the central display, on it one month before the need for maintenance, the corresponding inscription appears. The computer will tell you which unit needs inspection.
Steering Wheel: The BMW X6 steering wheel is equipped with a sports steering wheel with a diameter of only 379 mm, which contributes to a more sporty and clear driving.
The steering wheel is trimmed with leather, the radio and telephone control buttons are built into it, as well as two additional buttons that you can program to perform any functions.
Under the steering wheel are gearshift paddles for a sporty ride.
Navigation system: The navigation system is implemented with two color displays - 6.5 or 8.8 inches.
The navigation system allows you to guide the driver along the route using voice prompts, as well as an arrow or a three-dimensional map.
In addition to the navigation function, the system has an integrated Professional radio and disk drives.
Seats: BMW X6 seats are ergonomically shaped and, thanks to the electronic adjustment system, can be adapted to any shape. Convenient head restraints and an adjustable upper segment of the seatback, as well as an adjustable backrest width, provide maximum comfort to the driver and passengers.
⦁ There is also a function for remembering the settings of seats, rear-view mirrors and the height of the steering column, you can restore the usual values ​​by pressing just one key. Headlight Control System
⦁ At the request of the customer, the BMW X6 can additionally be equipped with a high-beam assistant.
⦁ This system turns off the main beam in the presence of a moving vehicle toward or insufficient street lighting.
⦁ A special camera is built into the rear-view mirror and analyzes the lighting conditions, it is able to notice an approaching car per kilometer. When the road is again clear or street lighting disappears, the system turns on the high beam again.

DVD player: Additionally, a DVD playback system can be installed in the vehicle. Two 7 'monitors are integrated into the front head restraints. The system is able to play movies in high quality, as well as play MP3 files. The kit comes with remote control bullets and two pairs of wireless headphones. A 6-disc changer can be additionally installed in the trunk.

BMW X6 interior features and pictures
BMW X6 Interior images
BMW X6 interior pics
BMW X6 interior seats
BMW X6 Cargo Area
BMW X6 steering wheel
BMW X6 interior photos
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BMW X6 Accessories & Options:

 Child seats: BMW can offer you the innovative child seat BMW Junior I-II, which was developed for cars with the ISOFIX mounting system.
The seat can be adjusted - the height of the lower part changes, the angle of the backrest changes. It is designed for children from 9 to 18 kilograms.
The seats are made in two colors - gray-blue color and the style of "Formula 1".
 Alloy wheels: Your BMW X6 can be given even more originality by installing alloy wheels on it, widely represented in the salons of authorized dealers.
All disks are tested in real conditions, the results of which prove that the disks are performed at the highest level of quality and reliability.

BMW X6 Safety Features:

The coordinated operation of the BMW X6 safety systems ensures the safety of every passenger and driver, thanks to the coordinated work of all systems.
In the event of an accident, the signal instantly passes through the fiber optic network, providing instant response to all systems.
Upon impact, the seat belt pretensioners and tension limiters are triggered. Each of the airbags inflates to the optimum level, depending on the strength and location of the impact.
If necessary, the fuel pump stops and the battery turns off to prevent fire or explosion.
⦁ Dual-mode brake lights: A dual-mode brake light informs drivers who are driving in the rear of the type of braking you are applying.
If you press the brake normally, as in everyday traffic, then only one section of the brake lights will light up. If you apply emergency braking, then the entire surface of the taillights will light up, which will signal the rear stop moving about your emergency stop. Drivers instinctively understand that something happened wrong and can respond in a timely manner, and it’s much easier to see the big red lights.
⦁ BMW Night vision system:  The Night Vision System offers to equip your car with a night vision system, which thanks to the thermal imaging camera is able to distinguish between people and animals at a distance of up to 300 meters.
The image from the camera is displayed on the central display and you can see all the hidden obstacles in your path that you can’t see in ordinary headlights.
⦁ Headlights: The BMW X6 comes standard with adaptive headlights that allow the driver to see the road more clearly when cornering.

The headlights "track the road", turning in the direction of rotation and lighting exactly the place where you are going to turn, thanks to the system of determining the angle of rotation. This has the best effect on the safety of driving in the dark.

BMW X6 Chassis:

⦁ Active suspension Dynamic Drive: With active suspension control system Dynamic Drive BMW X6 is able to maneuver with very high accuracy.
When cornering at speed, the body roll is almost zero, due to the stabilizer bars located on the axles. For the driver, this means accurate and confident turns, and for passengers a comfortable ride.
⦁ XDrive all-wheel-drive system: The intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive system used in the BMW X6 ensures the best possible grip on any road surface.
For example, when driving on dry, even asphalt, xDrive transfers 40 percent of engine power to the front axle and 60 percent to the rear. When changing the road surface, the system adjusts the ratio of transmitted power and thereby stabilizes steering and stability.
⦁ Cornering Braking Control (CBC): The BMW X6 is equipped with Cornering Braking Control (CBC), which helps prevent rear axle skidding when cornering.
When braking during a turn, the rear axle unloads due to inertia, which can lead to skidding and even a car overturn (with a very sharp turn).
The CBC system prevents skidding by adjusting and changing the brake pressure of the rear and front wheels, which helps to reduce the risk of skidding.
Dynamic Traction Control: The DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) can increase or decrease wheel slip to provide the best traction on any surface.
The system operates only at high speed in the event of a critical situation, helping the driver not to lose control.
⦁ Active Steering system: Active Steering can significantly improve steering precision and agility.
Depending on the speed, a special electric motor changes the steering angle, helping to keep the car on a given path.
The lower the speed, the more maneuverable the car becomes and vice versa. This allows you to perfectly control the movement of the car at high speed and maneuver in the yard or on a bad road when driving at low speed.

 BMW X6 Colors (Exterior): 2008 BMW X6 SUV was available in the following standard colors:
BMW X6 price
BMW X6 blue
BMW X6 white
BMW X6 Red|BMW X6 colors
BMW X6 Silver Gray
BMW X6 exterior colors
BMW X6 black

Jet Black, Alpine White, Tasman Green Metallic, Mineral Silver Metallic,
Deep Sea Blue Metallic, Titanium Silver Metallic, Monaco Blue Metallic,
Black Sapphire Metallic, Vermilion Red Metallic, and Space Gray Metallic

BMW X6 Technical Specifications and Features:
Models/Version: XDrive 50i XDrive 35i XDrive 30d
Model Year -2008-
Number of seats 5 5 5
Number of doors: 5 5 5
Body type Crossover/SUV
Dimensions and Proportions:
Length 4877 mm 4877 mm 4877 mm
Width 1983 mm 1983 mm 1983 mm
Height 1690 mm 1690 mm 1690 mm
Curb weight: 1635 kg 1635 kg 1715 kg
Gross weight: 2185 kg 2185 kg 2265 kg
Trunk volume: 570-1450 liters 570-1450 liters 570-1450 liters
Tire size: 255/50 R19 255/50 R19 255/50 R19
Number of Cylinders / Layout: 6 / R 6 / R 6 / R
Gear Type: automatic automatic automatic
Engine power hp / rpm: 306/5800 306/5800 235/4000
Engine displacement: 2979 cm³ 2979 cm³ 2993 cm³
Torque / RPM: 400/3100 400/3100 520/2000
Fuel Type: AI-95 AI-95 DT
Fuel tank capacity: 85 liters 85 liters 85 liters
Acceleration to 100 km / h: 6.7 seconds 6.7 seconds 8.0 seconds
Maximum speed: 240 km / h 240 km / h 210 km / h
BMW X6 Fuel Economy/Consumption (per 100 km);
Fuel consumption in the urban cycle: 16.6 liters 16.6 liters 11.6 liters
Fuel consumption on the highway: 9.5 liters 9.5 liters 7.3 liters
Fuel consumption - combined cycle: 12.1 liters 12.1 liters 8.9 liters

BMW X6 Hybrid and BMW X6 M:  Introduction of the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid & X6 M version.

BMW X6 Price| BMW X6 SUV Interior and Exterior Features and Pictures
At the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW officially unveiled the new 7-Series and X6 ActiveHybrid hybrid versions.
These models are 15-20% more economical than their predecessors. According to BMW representatives, the X6 ActiveHybrid is currently the most powerful hybrid in the world. It has a turbocharged V8 gasoline engine with a capacity of 480 hp. and a volume of 4.4 liters, as well as a choice of two electric motors of 91 and 86 hp.
The transmission automatic was 7-speed. Up to a hundred, acceleration takes only 5.4 seconds.
  • In the second quarter of 2009, the BMW X6 M was introduced with a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 engine producing 547 hp. (408 kW).

BMW X6 (2008) Pros and cons :

STRENGTHS: Able to hand, comfortable and roomy front seats, an advanced new traction/stability technology, and an optional sturdy V8 twin-turbo.
WEAKNESSES: Huge curb weight, given its sporty purpose, several cramped rear seats, limited cargo space, and overpriced.

CONCLUSION: If you want to address the whole story in a few words, you can say that the BMW X6 is, undoubtedly, a powerful and clearly sporty car.
The BMW X6 transcends all limits, presenting the typical presence of the BMW X models and the sportiness of the coup├ęs.
The BMW TwinPower Turbo engines fitted in the BMW X6 are dynamic and efficient and the BMW xDrive helps to transmit power to the road. Featuring exceptional equipment as well as high-quality materials, the BMW X6 is without a doubt a vehicle that stands out from the rest.


There may have been a number of supercars powered by V12 engines and breaking at 200 km / h on an average road, but BMW has gone a different route with super and cool concept cars that made it to production (2007-2011-Part 1).

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item BMW X6 SUV (2008) Price, Reviews, Interior and Exterior Features and Pictures| BMW X6-the World's First Sports Activity Coupe Car (SAC)
BMW X6 SUV (2008) Price, Reviews, Interior and Exterior Features and Pictures| BMW X6-the World's First Sports Activity Coupe Car (SAC)
Know all about the BMW X6 - the first SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) in the world. Also check out the BMW X6 Price, interior and exterior features, safety features, dimensions, fuel economy and more. By this BMW X6 sports coupe car, BMW has defined a totally new and unique car concept. The BMW X6 key features include: the speed, high performance, sporty coupe style and appearance equipped with resourceful and very comfortable and adaptable interior seats, necessary for the desired sports car. Visit to READ FULL STORY..!
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